CharmingDate, The Prestigious International Dating Site, Offers Users Valuable Anti Scam Tips

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CharmingDate offers useful tips for daters to avoid dating scams online and help members achieve a safe, secure and romantic dating experience.

We’ve been working hard at improving in order to provide you with better service and experience.
As a widely trusted online dating platform, CharmingDate now has a large membership around the world. According to the site CharmingDate, every day millions of users visit the site and enjoy their dating experience. CharmingDate has updated its anti-scam system and offers effective tips for daters to keep away from online dating scams.

“We’ve been hard at work at improving our anti-scam policy in order to provide members with a worry-free dating environment,” the Chief Official From CharmingDate says. “ Our strong anti-scam measures have cemented the position as a safe and secure international dating portal for over 10 years. The end goal of CharmingDate is to connect single men with dazzling women from Russia, Ukraine and other countries in an easier, more convenient and safer way.”

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While constantly improving its anti-scam system through unremitting efforts, CharmingDate has long been an online dating leader in fighting against dating scams or frauds. In addition, the site has released its anti-scam video and provided useful and effective tips for members to date without worrying any harmful or dishonest scammers.

At, there’s now a complete set of anti-scam measures in place to be the safest place to make meaningful connections with the most charming and exotic ladies from Russia, Ukraine and other East European countries. Experts for CharmingDate tell online daters not too ready to reveal personal information online. It is important not to send money or other valuables to daters you’re not familiar with. Get a detailed knowledge of the person you stay in touch before investing too much time, energy and heart.

Furthermore, on CharmingDate there are a professional team of customer support providing hihg quality service with their heart. The site encourages members to send feedback and believes members’ feedback and opinions are extremely useful in helping improve itself.

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What CharmingDate Does To Protect Its Members From CharmingDate Scam Or Fraud?

Quality service is the key to CharmingDate‘s success. So we put a lot of effort into fighting against all dishonest behaviors which may be harmful to our reputation as well as the confidence of our clients. Our staff collaborate hands in hands with the local service providers and we make sure that we both have the ability and determination to protect the rights of every user on the site. To know more about our measures, you may read our full terms of anti-fraud policy.

Identity Documents Checks

The Profile Department of continuously monitors the newly submitted profiles to guard against fraudulent activity. Before registering to be posted with a profile on, the lady needs to demonstrate that the profile is true. Every lady who wishes to get the profile posted on the site must submit her application form and are notified by the local service provider to provide supplementary documents for processing that application, including photocopy of the identity card or passport. In general, the department starts this process by verification of the identity card.

Phone Interviews

The Profile Department will conduct phone interviews to the ladies regularly and randomly. Whenever there is a suspicious case on the truthfulness of the profile, the department will make a phone call with the lady for further confirmation. With these efforts the site helps you and other members avoid the costly and debilitating effects of the scam. We can say that it is even safer than any other online dating site where verification process is not necessary.

Correspondence Checks

By monitoring the correspondence carefully, CharmingDate customers substantially reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of scam. Combined with experience and technology, the Quality Assurance Department is vigilant to different areas in the communications such as the frequency of the mail exchange, contents of the mails. CharmingDate has established privacy policy to help prevent unauthorized access to or misuse of your information. Please rest assured that your privacy is well honored.

Monitor customer feedback

Our customer care professional has responsibility for all CharmingDate’s customer support functions, including direct communication with gentlemen, notes gentlemen’s reports or feedback, and help increase customer support satisfaction. In addition, the team gathers opinions, coordinate with other departments and devise solutions to the problem. Our Customer Service Department will keep gentlemen informed about the situation.

Tracking industry’s activities

The basic fact that many industries in here are still in the face of pressure and challenges to meet a better requirements and regulations, including the matchmaking industry. The methods fraudsters use to obtain the information they want is constantly changing, so provides regular updates on the type of scams it is aware of. In response to reduce the potential irregularities or serious breaches of the Terms of Service, staff members of this department is responsible for monitoring and tracking the agency’s policy and staff activities via phone calls, mails or daily message exchange.

Organize seminars on combating malpractice

Teamed up with the supporting agencies, organizes a series of seminars and workshops on a regular or ad hoc basis. It is because the ultimate solution to eradicate the malpractice of the industry is better communication with the industry nationwide. We continue to do this because we don’t want to ruin both chances for success and it is a mission possible. The only way to eradicate the cases of romance scam is to better educate the public about the bad consequences of scam cases.

To take a closer look at how protects customers from fraud, please read our anti-fraud policy.

CharmingDate Scam Or Legitimate Russian Dating Site?

Is charmingdate good? Is there any CharmingDate scam or fraud? Will I meet the Russian girl or Ukraine single woman for marriage with me? These may be the questions of some guys who are considering joining the Russian dating site. Today let’s make a sincere and honest review about it.

As a Russian and Ukrainian dating site, CharmingDate was set up in 2004. Up till now it has 10 years’ experience, which few dating sites can compare with. It provides a reliable and safe platform for those who want to establish relationship with Russian and Ukraine beautiful girls. Thousands of wester gentlemen have found their true love on it. There are countless numbers of male members who sign up or login in CharmingDate every day. It is widely liked by those single men for package services and high efficiency. Most members praise its service quality. Then how CharmingDate ensures the service quality in order to better members experiences and guarantee members a charming and safe date without any doubts or uneasiness about CharmingDate scam or frauds.

Also it has enjoyed wide popularity all round the world. It is one of the greatest international dating site. On the site members can send Cupid Note, receive Admirer mail from girls in Russia or Ukriane, send EMF e-mails, chat live with them, make telephone calls, send flowers & gift and request to meet the Russian woman or Ukraine girl to date and marry. Apart from the basic, there are visa service and additional translation services. So if you want to seek a good wife from Russia or Ukraine to establish a long-term relationship with, it is not necessary for you to worry about cultural and language barriers. Furthermore, when you date the right girl and are eager to marry, visa service for travel and marriage are all provided on the site.

Security System

The site has a sound security system for male members and Russian and Ukriane single women for marriage on it. On the one hand, all staff must sign a security system contract before beginning to work. If they violate the contract they must bear legal responsibilities. On the other hand, all Russian and Ukraine women must go through the identification authentication and SMS verification. They must supply the site with their scanned documents. You can rest assure that your privacy and safety online.


Sound Tools For Members To Stay Connected

There are a full set of tools for male and female members to make and keep contact with their dream Russian or Ukrainian wife. You can send Cupid Note to the girl you fall in love with at the first sight; you can exchange love letters, make phone calls, send gifts or flowers, or have live chat with her later to have a good understanding of her. Finally, you can fly to meet her and arrange for the long-awaited wedding. If you think it is necessary, you can also ask for contact information from the site.

Cooperated Local Russian And Ukrainian Marriage Agency

The site cooperates with more than 30 local agencies in Russian and other easter European countries. Local agencies who want to cooperated with the site must meet its strict requirements and policy. And they also have specialized team to manage local agencies and supervise the services provided to its male members by local agency. With the efficient and reliable support from cooperated agencies all the marriage problems relating to language difficulties, date arrangement, and visa services are perfectly solved by professionals. For example, when you want to meet the Russian girl its cooperated agency will arrange the date according to your choice. If you have some difficulty in communicating with your date partner, the local agency will provide interpreting services. The site has the requirement that the staff of local agency shall always be competent, impartial and professional. And thus all the work is done satisfactorily.

Strong Customer Support Department

Its customer service team consists of a group leader, a director and other staff. With enthusiasm, sincerity and innovation they are aimed to help members to solve all the problems during the online dating. For instance, you encounter someone online who is cheating you, you can e-mail or call the staff and they will solve your problem in the shortest time.

Supervision And Management Team

The team conduct examinations over the authenticity and completeness of the information submitted by female members. There are several methods for examination such as interviewing by telephone, feedback from male members, questionnaires and so on.

In a nutshell, conclusions can be made that CharmingDate is not scam or fraud. It is safe and serious dating site. Just try and you will experience perfect services. More importantly, you will not be single with the special Russian or Ukraine girl.

CharmingDate : How To Avoid Online Dating Frauds And Scams

With the advent of online dating, there are more and more scams infested on dating sites, especially free dating ones. To verify single guys’ and ladies’ profiles and identification, CharmingDate has a sound system and strict rules and policy. The following are some key tips and advice for guys to avoid any online dating frauds or scams when chatting and meeting potential matches online.

Some people may think that women looking for marriage online is looking for a man who is wealthy. This is a big mistake if you want to find someone by way of online dating. We cannot deny the fact some girls online may be money worship. But most of the single girls join online dating with the purpose of finding a life partner. Don’t be dreaded for the smallest amount of girls for gold and go ahead for your perfect match. Don’t let the chance slip form your hands.

CharmingDate: How to avoid dating scams or frauds

Russian and Ukrainian women appreciate men’s initiative and politeness. If she wants you to bring something from the USA characteristic of your country or state, souvenirs, it is normal. But any requests for a mink coat, a diamond ring, etc. are suspicious. Never send money to girls you meet on a dating site, as this will attract the wrong type of lady, and you’ll end up emptying your bank account faster than you thought possible. So before sending money or other kinds of precious items, think carefully or ask for advice from the site staff or your friends.

To ensure the effective of your dating and to protect single ladies, girls may not choose to communicate with you through personal email. On many dating sites, just as CharmingDate, you have to keep contact with the ladies using their services for the safety of its members and to help its member avoid online dating scams and frauds.

There are more and more services for you to get contact with the Russian and Ukraine lady you are dating online. If you are suspicious, make the utmost of online dating and communication tools such as video chat face to face; love call to hear the real voice and so on. If you are using a paid Russian or Ukraine women dating site, you can also ask for help from the site staff.