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Are you a member of CharmingDate? Want a new and exciting way to make your dating partner smile and attract her more? Want to add romance and surprise to your date on CharmingDate.com? CharmingDate has updated a new feature for its members? Why not have a look and try it now? You can send a virtual gift for your Russian or Ukrainian woman on Virtual gifts store page or when you have the live chat with her.

CharmingDate.com Reviews --- Virtual Gift - new Russian dating service

CharmingDate.com Reviews — Virtual Gift

Today CharmingDate launches Virtual Gifts, adding another inspiring ways for singles to get connected with each other. With the service, you have more connect with beautiful Ukraine or Russian single girls online and make your dating experience more romantic, fun, interesting and exciting. Now apart from the online services, CharmingDate members can send virtual gifts for their favorite ladies. Those virtual gifts include items for birthdays, special occasions, festivals, etc. It is easy to use. You can send virtual gifts to your lady via gifts store or EMF mails. For more information or to send virtual gift to the special Russian or Ukraine lady you are dating, please go to CharmingDate. Now click to send her a virtual gift and experience the wonders!

CharmingDate has always committed to the dating of our members. With more and more members in it, CharmingDate is keeping developing the online system to make your dating more easily and pleasantly. Now sign in to check Virtual Gift Store!

About CharmingDate International Dating Service
Founded in 2004, CharmingDate is now a trusted and premium international dating platform for global singles to get matched with girls from Russia, Ukraine and other Easter European countries. CharmingDate members enjoy the top level of customer service. They can make contact and communicate with each other in many ways such as Live Chat, Video chat, Instant Call, Emails, Cupid Date, Virtual Gifts or real gift & flowers, etc.



Russian Women Dating Sites: CharmingDate Free Trial Offer

Now on CharmingDate.com you can get a free trial offer. Sign up on the site and complete your profile, you can send introduction letters to your favorite ladies for free and get an opportunity to chat with new ladies for free. If you have not visited the site ever, you can sign up and have a look at the site and the free trial. You may be already a member but you don’t add information to your profile, do it now and try the free offer. You are likely to contact the girl for you on the site.

Russian Women Dating Site

Russian Women Dating Site

New to CharmingDate? Learn more about the Russian women dating site by the following link: Website, FaceBook, Reviews. If you have any question, you can also submit your ticket to their customer service team for answers.

Russian girls dating site

( CharmingDate.com is a premium international dating platform with all inclusive solutions to your dating experience. The site has always kept up to its motto, “What’s best for members is best for CharmingDate”. During the years since it was launched, the site has developed its network greatly and a growing number of singles join the site to look for a life partner. It’s free to sign up, free to review Ukraine and Russian brides for marriage. You may want to try the free trial offer. Do it now! )

For information about Russian and Ukrainian women, visit this blog for tips and advice for dating singles from Russia and Ukraine on the Russian women dating site.

What’s New On CharmingDate.com?

Over the years CharmingDate.com has devoted itself to providing better services for members and making their dating experience more effective, more convenient and more pleasant. Recently the site has done some changes to make the site more user-friendly and upgraded the love call services.

Lady Call Me On CharmingDate.com

Lady Call Me On CharmingDate.com

Lady Call Me Service has recently added to the Love Call services. Now members can have three approaches to make a love call to the partners they are dating on CharmingDate.com: Instant Calls, Scheduled Calls and Lady Call Me.

CharmingDate.com Russian dating service

CharmingDate.com Russian dating service

Introduce The New Feature: Lady Call Me
Lady Call Me allows your favorite ladies to give you calls. Once the lady is authorized, she can be the initiator to give you a call at a specified time. Click Lady Call Me to learn about how it works and its policy.

What’s The Difference?
Instant Calls and Scheduled Calls are the calls you make to the ladies you are dating on CharmingDate.com. Love Call Details.

Call Service is the perfect way to hear her voice! Use any mobile phone or landline to get connected and talk to your girl directly or in a 3-way call with professional translation assistance to help overcome language and cultural barriers!Want to receive calls from the ideal lady? Don’t wait! Sign in, go to your dashboard to authorize online ladies to call you on CharmingDate.com!

CharmingDate.com Russian Dating Platform Features

Today, let’s have a look at the features on the Russian dating service CharmingDate.com. Check the below services carefully. Find out whether they meet your needs or not and then decide whether to sign up on the site or not.

Dating On CharmingDate.com

EMF Mail
When you find a possible match, tell her how you feel! Our EMF Mail helps you to overcome language and cultural barriers and communicate smoothly.

Admirer Mail
A fun way to learn more about the ladies before taking the next step. Read introductory letters from ladies for FREE, and if you feel a spark, reply and start the romance!

Cupid Date
Ready to meet her face-to-face? Cupid Date is for members who are serious about taking their relationship to the next level and want to determine their degree of compatibility.

Love Call
You and your lady to hear each other’s voices without language or cultural barriers. Our 3-way phone translation service lets you talk easily, even when you’re oceans apart.

Cupid Note

A great way to let a lady know that you’re interested in her, and they’re FREE to send! Just choose a ready-made theme and greeting and send her your Cupid Note.

Gifts & Flowers
Show her how you feel and make her smile with a delightful surprise! We connect you with the best local gift shops and florists. Perfect for special occasions or anytime at all.

Live Chat
Our instant messaging service brings you closer together than ever before. Chat in real-time using text and emoticons, it’s fun and romantic, and translation is available if needed!

Video Show
When written profiles are not enough, check out her homemade Video Show! These video introductions add a new dimension to your favorite lady’s profile and bring her personality to life.

Request Contact Info
To facilitate more convenient communication between members who demonstrate a high level of seriousness, we’ve introduced Request Contact Info. service to allow the exchange of personal contact details.

For more and detailed information about the CharmingDate services, check this blog or visit CharmingDate.

CharmingDate Reviews: Live Video And Instant Call On Russian Chat Site

Many dating sites have the service Love Call and Live Chat. With those two services dating Russian women and hot Ukrainian girls are just like dating girls in the same country. Let’s know more about those two services.

Instant Call To Chat Russian Woman

Instant Call To Chat Russian Woman

Love Call And Instant Call—To Hear The Voice Of Gorgeous Russian Women

The original love call needs a lot of time. You must be patient when using the service. It is an approach with which you can hear the voice of each other over the phone. The dating site usually provides free professional service in case of communication difficulty. In the original way you must first send your girl an invitation mail and schedule a time that is convenient for you and your girl. If the girl agrees to talk to you. You should confirm the request. All in all, it needs time. You must invite your girl 24 hours prior to the time you want to call. Now there is Instant Call. It is fast and convenient. You don’t need to wait. As long as your girl is online, you can ask to talk to her on a phone. Don’t forget to dial your lady and hear the voice of each other and let both be closer to each other.

Get Russian and Ukrainian Girls

Join To Try The Service

Live Chat with Ukrainian and Russian Beauties

Live Chat is a service where you can talk and chat with your girl but you cannot meet her and see her smile. It is a great service with which you can exchange ideas and opinions, share sorrows and happiness with your girl. With the service you can bring your girl and you closer and you can know whether you two are a match for each other. If you want to have a fast and efficient dating online, live chat is a good solution for your quick understanding. The only disadvantage is that you can not meet her.

Live Video Solves Your Problem About How To Meet Ukrainian Girls And Russian Women Quickly

There is another new service€”-Live Video. Using Live Video, you can have the chances to meet your Russian or Ukraine lady when chatting with her. You can see your girl while she cannot see you. It is a embedded service in Live Chat. In order to make your dating normal and successful you can combine those two services. When it is the moment for you to talk to her without seeing her, you use the former. When you want to meet her and talk to her face to face on Russian chat sites, use Live Video.

What CharmingDate Does To Protect Its Members From CharmingDate Scam Or Fraud?

Quality service is the key to CharmingDate‘s success. So we put a lot of effort into fighting against all dishonest behaviors which may be harmful to our reputation as well as the confidence of our clients. Our staff collaborate hands in hands with the local service providers and we make sure that we both have the ability and determination to protect the rights of every user on the site. To know more about our measures, you may read our full terms of anti-fraud policy.

Identity Documents Checks

The Profile Department of CharmingDate.com continuously monitors the newly submitted profiles to guard against fraudulent activity. Before registering to be posted with a profile on CharmingDate.com, the lady needs to demonstrate that the profile is true. Every lady who wishes to get the profile posted on the site must submit her application form and are notified by the local service provider to provide supplementary documents for processing that application, including photocopy of the identity card or passport. In general, the department starts this process by verification of the identity card.

Phone Interviews

The Profile Department will conduct phone interviews to the ladies regularly and randomly. Whenever there is a suspicious case on the truthfulness of the profile, the department will make a phone call with the lady for further confirmation. With these efforts the site helps you and other members avoid the costly and debilitating effects of the scam. We can say that it is even safer than any other online dating site where verification process is not necessary.

Correspondence Checks

By monitoring the correspondence carefully, CharmingDate customers substantially reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of scam. Combined with experience and technology, the Quality Assurance Department is vigilant to different areas in the communications such as the frequency of the mail exchange, contents of the mails. CharmingDate has established privacy policy to help prevent unauthorized access to or misuse of your information. Please rest assured that your privacy is well honored.

Monitor customer feedback

Our customer care professional has responsibility for all CharmingDate’s customer support functions, including direct communication with gentlemen, notes gentlemen’s reports or feedback, and help increase customer support satisfaction. In addition, the team gathers opinions, coordinate with other departments and devise solutions to the problem. Our Customer Service Department will keep gentlemen informed about the situation.

Tracking industry’s activities

The basic fact that many industries in here are still in the face of pressure and challenges to meet a better requirements and regulations, including the matchmaking industry. The methods fraudsters use to obtain the information they want is constantly changing, so CharmingDate.com provides regular updates on the type of scams it is aware of. In response to reduce the potential irregularities or serious breaches of the Terms of Service, staff members of this department is responsible for monitoring and tracking the agency’s policy and staff activities via phone calls, mails or daily message exchange.

Organize seminars on combating malpractice

Teamed up with the supporting agencies, CharmingDate.com organizes a series of seminars and workshops on a regular or ad hoc basis. It is because the ultimate solution to eradicate the malpractice of the industry is better communication with the industry nationwide. We continue to do this because we don’t want to ruin both chances for success and it is a mission possible. The only way to eradicate the cases of romance scam is to better educate the public about the bad consequences of scam cases.

To take a closer look at how CharmingDate.com protects customers from fraud, please read our anti-fraud policy.